Greek Island Yoga Retreat

Revitalize at a Unique Greek Island Yoga Retreat – Paros’ Kalogeros Beach

Kalogeros Beach is a unique beach on Paros island where you can give yourself a personal spa treatment by covering yourself in clay.

Greek Island Yoga Retreat

The beach is famous for its mud and it’s like having your own personal spa treatment! The clay is rich in minerals that are beneficial for the skin and body. The clay is said to have detoxifying properties that help to remove impurities from the skin and body. It is also believed to help reduce inflammation and improve circulation.

Doing things like this with a group of people makes the experience even better!

The picture is of one of the adventures we had during our Yoga Exploration 2023, where an amazing group of people came together and we truly had a wonderful time exploring some of the Greek Islands.

The spot at Kalogeros beach was easy to get to but once there, we had to keep a look out for passing boats as the waves they created in their passing were sometimes so big they covered the little beach with water. There were times we had to run up to the rocks to stay safe. So be careful when visiting!

Also bring a cut of some sort to mix the sand and make the clay, we had just had ice cream in little plastic cups so we used them to mix!

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